7 Years Fertility: My Fertility and Adoption Stories

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Fertility Diary #10: Barren

Round 4, 2018.  Fresh cycle. Cost £6075 We are in the best place we could be and I’m feeling ready for one last go. We are settled in our jobs and financially stable. What am I doing differently you may ask? I am following an IVF diet (weekly cost £100), I am taking 7 weeks unpaid leave from…

Fertility Diary #9: Everything happens in 3’s

Round 3  January 2016 (Cost £1800) Our last 2 embryos.  I decided to save some sanity and take some time off work. The 2 week wait deserved calmness and my full attention!  I made sure I did ovulation sticks from day 7 (turns out I ovulate on day 11), so this confirmed I missed it…

Fertility Diary #8: Round 2

If at first you don’t succeed, try again!  2018 I write 3 years on from our first round of IVF.  I’m on the road to my last destination of the big positive. (hopefully)  A lot has happened since 2014 and it’s not been all plain sailing! After our first round of IVF we decided it…

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