The Two Week Wait

The two-week wait & pregnancy test My Christmas was terrible; I smiled throughout and tried to be positive. But deep down I was a wreck. Every time I drank and ate I thought, ‘Is this OK for my baby?’ Every time I did anything, I imagined harming the baby. I also didn’t sleep for twoContinue reading “The Two Week Wait”

The Egg Collection & Transfer

Tuesday 17th December: EGG collection day! Woke up feeling very nervous: Voltarol suppository placed up my bum (which I did myself!) Arriving at the clinic for 8.00 am & taken through to room 4. I put on my gown and sat on the bed just looking at the four walls. Dave sat, wearing a ChristmasContinue reading “The Egg Collection & Transfer”

Fertility Diary #5: An Injection of Hope

Injections, internals & more  16th October We arrived at the clinic: the waiting room was full of couples. Whilst I sat waiting, my mind began to wander, wondering if any of the others were on their first go or paying through the roof for second/third, etc. We were called. A lady asked us to giveContinue reading “Fertility Diary #5: An Injection of Hope”

Fertility Diary #3: Exploring IVF

Dave* was asked to give another sperm sample. Thankfully this time in the comfort of our own home (much to Dave’s relief!!) It was a short wait and sample results were in. The same as before…nothing. No sperm. Nada. He had to see his doctor again to be told again the same thing. Dave wasContinue reading “Fertility Diary #3: Exploring IVF”

Fertility Diary #1: Trying to Conceive – Mechanical Baby Making

5th May 2013 We were sitting in our flat on a Sunday afternoon: Dave* said very calmly, do you feel ready for a baby? I replied, ‘Yes I want nothing more.’  ‘OK babe… , let’s try, but please don’t let it take over.’ I said nothing: just took my clothes off! To bed we went.Continue reading “Fertility Diary #1: Trying to Conceive – Mechanical Baby Making”