The Two Week Wait

The two-week wait & pregnancy test My Christmas was terrible; I smiled throughout and tried to be positive. But deep down I was a wreck. Every time I drank and ate I thought, ‘Is this OK for my baby?’ Every time I did anything, I imagined harming the baby. I also didn’t sleep for twoContinue reading “The Two Week Wait”

The Egg Collection & Transfer

Tuesday 17th December: EGG collection day! Woke up feeling very nervous: Voltarol suppository placed up my bum (which I did myself!) Arriving at the clinic for 8.00 am & taken through to room 4. I put on my gown and sat on the bed just looking at the four walls. Dave sat, wearing a ChristmasContinue reading “The Egg Collection & Transfer”

Fertility Diary #5: An Injection of Hope

Injections, internals & more  16th October We arrived at the clinic: the waiting room was full of couples. Whilst I sat waiting, my mind began to wander, wondering if any of the others were on their first go or paying through the roof for second/third, etc. We were called. A lady asked us to giveContinue reading “Fertility Diary #5: An Injection of Hope”

Fertility Diary #2: Shock results – The Male Factor

March 2014: Appointment with my doctor. I explained to the Doctor the difficulties were are having, asking, ‘why have I not been able to fall pregnant yet?’ She booked me in for blood tests. One when I was on my period and one when I should have been ovulating. Tests done, results saying was amContinue reading “Fertility Diary #2: Shock results – The Male Factor”